Online games thrive in a virtual and make believe world


Ranging from simple text based environments to incorporating complex graphics and virtual worlds, online games are a breeding ground for multi player environments. Another notable characteristic of these games is the association of online communities, featuring these options as part of social activity.

Web Games – Simple games for fun

Also called as browser games, these web games make use of internet using a web browser. Browser games can be run using standard web technologies or browser plug-ins on a computer system.

Strategy Games – Decision making at its best

Strategy games are played applying the players’ autonomous decision-making skills. These skills play a significant role in determining the outcome. While these games are predominantly situational based, they are best suited to unravel the decision making style of the player, also leading to a high level of situational awareness.

These games bestow players an indirect control over many units in a battlefield and pose challenges in the form of building and constructing mansions. Globulation 2 is one such strategy game which is adventurous in its nature.

Puzzle Video Games – Logical and Innovative

Classified under the category of video games, puzzle video games are aimed at solving puzzles. The player’s problem solving skills including logic, strategy, pattern recognition, sequence solving, and word completion are put to maximum test by these puzzle video games.


Brain Teasers – Intelligent puzzles

As the name mentions, brain teasers are a form of puzzles that put a lot of pressure on the thinking pattern of the player, testing his mental agility and sharpness. Thinking in unconventional ways with a set of predefined constraints is the norm of these games. Puzzles and teasers driven by logic are the basic categories of brain teasers. The grey matter in the brain put to optimum use; these games mostly rely on the fact that all is not possible with human intelligence and intuition. Concepts of human intuition coupled with conditional probability are the fundamental features of these games. Brain bashers and Sudoku are types of brain teasers which have gained prominence within the online fraternity of gamers.

Card Games – Addictive in nature

Using a pack of playing cards, card games are further classified into traditional and game-specific. Folk games are the most popular of these card games, which are primarily driven by rules specific to a particular region and culture. In contrast, a small chunk of card games played with conventional decks are played on the basis of standardized rules. There are innumerable card games on the net, in addition to families of related games, such as solitaire.

Innumerable combinations of cards led to the introduction of different varieties mentioned as Trick-taking games, matching games, shedding and accumulating games.

Game Show Games – Playing with words

Word games are popularly renamed as Game Show Games, which cause the adrenalin rush in human brain to last for hours. Scrabble and Jig Words are word games popular on the net.

Patronized across various demographics, these games are an excellent source to beat boredom, by their ability to fuel an ongoing excitement in the mind of the player.