The addictive nature of games – Source of popularity

addictive nature of games

The popularity of online and video games both stems from the fact that the player is positioned against an inanimate object, which is a computer or a gaming device or console. Some games also involve other players to join the fray in the case of multi-player gaming consoles. These games are often viewed as sources for social relationships and interpersonal connections by their innate ability to create a make-believe clan of players with a similar mindset.

Dressed in the garb of games, these activities have gained a special place in the hearts and minds of people by offering home entertainment to all and sundry. Offering incomparable thrilling moments, these online games have players always asking for more, playing on the edge with adventure, sports or action games.

Benefits of Video & Online Games: Physical and Psychological

While taking into consideration the demonstration of violence in some of the video and online games, there are many benefits that these video and online games have, in the form of both physical and psychological advantages, like hand and eye coordination and raising the level of creativity. Gaming enthusiasts have also demonstrated a notable improvement in their ability to deal with numbers and math, with a corresponding positive change in linguistic skills. Playing in a multi player environment makes the gamer a social being acceptable to team members. Challenging games are also believed to improve the cognitive, motivational and problem solving skills of an individual. Children diagnosed with ADD benefit a great deal by improving their concentration levels.

addictive nature of games

Video games are games which can be played by using an electronic control to work with points of light or graphical symbols, usually played on the screen of a visual display unit, through human intervention. The user interface on the video device provides the gamer with visual feedback, thereby facilitating the progress of the game.

Following are some prominent keys used to playing these games on the computer with their functions

  • The A S D W keys are for movement
  • Space Bar is used to jump
  • Left Mouse button is for fire
  • CTRL key is for inventory
  • Pressing H key will provide Help
  • Pressing ESC key will provide Pause menu/Options
  • Clicking and holding the mouse button is to mine a block

The beauty of online games lies in them leaving an indelible mark in the minds of players who take the recourse to online gaming. This phenomenon is visible despite the fact that the player is offline. These games draw time and effort of the player to always stay on top of ball waging against a console or other players in their pursuit for victory and self-satisfaction. On the flip side to a winning excitement, games like online gambling casinos are a source to earn money through speculation.

Anything is excess is always bad. So is the case with gaming! Parents and children alike are expected to demonstrate discretion on the types of video games being patronized bearing in mind the time allocated to play these games.